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On Behalf of Youth Award Luncheon

Tom  Kate Donnell Pic  Theater    12-9-11

2015 "On Behalf of Youth" OBOY Award Fundraising Luncheon

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The "On Behalf of Youth" (OBOY) Award Luncheon will honor Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donnell as recipients of the OBOY Award as well as highlighting 7 Absolutely Incredible Kids from Hancock County.  This event is Camp Fire's main fundraising event to support our work to help youth reach their full potential and a great way to celebrate youth.  It is a must attend event!

2014 Absolutely Incredible Kid Award Winners:


Summary of nomination: Noah has never met a stranger! He motivates, encourages others, and “lives his heart.” Noah is a 6th grader in McComb. He is active in musical arts and sports. Caring in action is so much a part of him that he decided his 12th birthday shouldn’t be typical. Instead of a party and gifts to celebrate his birthday, Noah created “Dodge Ball for Ducks” an event that brought together kids from all over Hancock County that raised more than $550. He arranged to donate that money to support Heifer International – a nonprofit and global organization that provides animals and more to families with nothing. He created flyers and a website so people could donate even if they couldn’t attend the dodge ball event. Noah said: “Thinking about it was not helping anyone. I needed to do something. I could raise $20 by myself but getting more people excited made a huge difference.” That heart of action makes so much of what Noah does incredible.

Summary of nomination: Deidra is a positive part of her school, home, and community. Her grades are outstanding. She has been involved in school government, serving on school council through all three years at Washington Intermediate School. She continues to take leadership roles in every organization she gets involved in and in the classroom as well. She is an ally for students who are being bullied and will stick up for people who may not otherwise feel they have the confidence to do so for themselves. She takes a stand when necessary and encourages others not to be bystanders. At home, Deidra helps with many chores and also makes sure her brother gets off the bus each day after school. She sets a positive example for her younger brother and spends time with him to make sure he understands his homework. In the community, Deidra is involved in Young Miss Softball and she and her friends helped younger children to learn to play. She has high aspirations and sets high standards for herself.

Summary of nomination: Nicole has been a member of Findlay Silver Skaters since she was six. She is quite a skater and loves helping the younger skaters. She makes it a point to give away her old skates and dresses to other girls just starting out. She has been a member of U.S. Skating since she was eight. She has passed her pre-juvenile moves in the field and preliminary freestyle. She works hard at this. (These are tests needed to compete in national-level competitions. At First Presbyterian Church, she volunteers on her own accord and serves at the community dinners. She has also volunteered at food pantries. And church members say she is always smiling – that is an inspiration to others! She is always helping others: She wants to be a doctor when she grows up because she wants to help people who need her. She is a member of the 6th grade orchestra and plays the violin. She donated her old violin to charity.

Summary of nomination: Aidan deserves to be recognized for his compassion for those less fortunate and a leader to his peers and siblings. Aidan has collected gently used stuffed animals from classmates to be donated to Hope House. He has raised several hundred dollars to donate to Mission Possible to sponsor kids in Haiti. He got his friends involved in the cause. They made origami hats and frogs and sold them to classmates at school. He donates money to kids in Haiti any time he can. He sponsors a little boy in Haiti as well. Aidan is currently saving his money and will soon send out ask letters to family and friends for donations for him to go on a mission trip to inner city Pittsburgh. Aidan should be recognized for his community service, generous heart, work ethic and mild good nature: he demonstrates all of this and wants nothing in return. His nature is to give when others don’t have, to lead in the right direction for others to follow and to do so with a humble heart and mind.

Summary of nomination: Isaiah is a role model for others. He loves animals and uses his love to educate others. He is a zooteen at the Toledo Zoo where he volunteers several hours every month. He uses biofacts, games and cards to educate the guests about animals. He also helps pull weeds in the community garden, picks up trash along the street, and goes to the humane society to clean kennels and walk dogs. He volunteers at Safari Adventures Animal Park and at the Black Swamp Raptor Rehabilitation program where he has bagged rats, cleaned cages, and helped with educational programs. He has been to Binder Park Zoo and Bush Gardens to be a zookeeper for a day. He has also participated in programs at Sea World Florida where he participated in the marine mammal experience, and Sea World San Diego, where he took part in the penguin tour and the beluga interactive program. Isaiah enjoys sports and played on the Donnell football team and the Hancock soccer team.

Summary of nomination: Avery has a servant’s heart. He has volunteered at the Ohio State Special Olympics for the past three years. The Olympics are in late June and the days are sometimes 12 hours in sweltering heat but Avery serves with a smile. He mostly helps with track and field events, gathering athletes, taking measurements and recording times. He also serves as a hugger – there to greet the athletes at the finish line with a hug, water and encouragement. He has been known to gather his peers and run in the infield cheering athletes who have fallen behind. His passion is contagious. At church, Avery is heavily involved in youth group and in the confirmation process. He volunteers to help at vacation Bible school and serves on the tech group for children’s dramas. He volunteers with Upward Basketball and assists with child care. He volunteers in Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and Safety Town. He has gone on a mission trip to Nashville to help the homeless. Avery is a youth to be admired.

Summary of nomination: Amy has tremendous talent and skills as a ballet dancer. She has reached the highest level of ballet at her studio and has become a role model and teacher for younger dancers. This year, Amy achieved Level 6, the highest level and is one of only a handful of dancers at that level. Not only does she dance original choreography with the Findlay Academy of Ballet, she performs at the annual Pointe of the Evening performance. She has roles in many area and regional performances. Amy takes time to mentor younger dancers. This involves assisting the teacher, leading exercises, and offering corrections to students as young as five years old. This is done voluntarily, for the love of both dance and the students. She also does well at school, is a member of the band and chorus, and has been a cheerleader and a student helper for teachers and office staff. Her dance ability, focus, and determination – and her humbleness – make her an incredible kid.