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On Behalf of Youth Award Luncheon

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Thank you to all of our sponsors and those who helped support the 2015 OBOY Luncheon!

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Tom and Kate Donnell

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2015 "On Behalf of Youth" OBOY Award Fundraising Luncheon 

The 2015 "On Behalf of Youth" (OBOY) Award Luncheon honored Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donnell as recipients of the OBOY Award, as well as highlighted 7 Absolutely Incredible Kids from Hancock County. This event is Camp Fire's main fundraising event to support our work to help youth reach their full potential and a great way to celebrate youth.

2015 Absolutely Incredible Kid Award Winners:

KAITLYN CASIANO (Fostoria Jr-Sr High School - 7th grade) - FAMILY DEVELOPMENT AWARD

Summary of nomination: Kaitlyn is service-oriented in every facet of her life. During her school days, Kaitlyn can be found serving students as a member of Project More, a program where older students use their study hall period to tutor and assist elementary students in all subjects. She not only serves these younger students, but does so with great enthusiasm and patience. She can also be found volunteering regularly with her Girl Scout troop, the Hi-Y organization, and on her own time at her church and other community groups. However, it is maybe Kaitlyn’s dedication and servitude to her family that makes her a truly amazing kid. Kaitlyn currently lives in her grandparents’ home with her mother, uncle, and nine siblings. Kaitlyn never skips a beat when it comes to helping out around home by watching after her siblings and cousins, helping them with their school work, and walking them home after school on days when she does not have extracurricular activities. But all this activity doesn’t stop Kaitlyn from dedicating time to her own education. She has been known to ask for work to do over weekends and on vacations, is always in attendance and consistently goes above and beyond her teacher’s expectations of her.  Kaitlyn truly has a servant’s heart and is one youth to be admired for her unwavering dedication to helping her family, her peers and her community.

DALTON ALEXANDER (Liberty Benton Middle School - 8th grade) - NATURE AWARD

Summary of nomination: Dalton, the “quiet” leader, inspires others in everything he does. He has a great appreciation and respect for his family’s agricultural history, which has led him to continue to learn and educate others on nature. Every spring and summer he works on a family garden with his grandfather. Dalton’s harvest very quietly finds its way into the hands of friends, neighbors, the City Mission and other local non-profit organizations. Dalton continues his servitude in his church and community by volunteering at food pantries and more, in addition to being a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Dalton uses his knowledge and expertise about agriculture to help set an example by modeling the behavior he believes in, and motivating others to do the same - all while remaining quietly humble.

GABRIELLE BROWN (Donnell Middle School - 8th grade) - ADVOCACY AWARD

Summary of nomination: Gabrielle (Gabby), the passionate advocate, has already mastered skills to continue to be successful and inspiring to those around her. As a young student, Gabby has been known to approach her school faculty during meetings to present campaigns and causes that she is actively advocating for; doing so in an eloquent and professional manner. She is the mastermind of multiple programs aimed at getting her peers involved in helping others, like the candy drive to send excess Halloween candy to soldiers overseas and the Teens For Jeans program which donates gently used jeans to kids in need. Campaigns like these might seem daunting to most people, but Gabby is a master at informing, educating, and following through until her goals are accomplished. When Gabby is not running a big campaign, she can be found peer coaching younger students to help them excel in their school work, in music classes, and studying. Watch out for Gabby’s passion and campaigns to get bigger and better.

MADELINE WOODHULL (Glenwood Middle School - 8th grade) - TALENT & SKILLS AWARD

Summary of nomination: Madeline, the budding artist in residence, shows uncommon drive and perseverance, coupled with a hunger for learning.  Many people do not hear about independent study classes until they are in college, but Madeline, while still in middle school, has already completed a year-long art independent study. Madeline’s passion for the visual arts might be her heart’s desire, but her intellectual ability is equally as amazing. While still in middle school, Madeline has been taking math classes at Findlay High School, and other advanced classes offered for high school credit.  With her unparalleled work ethic, Madeline continues to master a heavy workload of advanced classes and still finds time to pursue her artistic dreams. While not all of her art projects come easy, she uses her intellectual skills, problem solving abilities, and perseverance to create truly superior works of art, including some large pieces that pushed her outside her comfort zone and forced her to gain mastery of all sorts of materials and medias. Madeline herself is a work of art.

KYLE DITTMAN (Donnell Middle School - 6th grade) - DIVERSITY AWARD

Summary of nomination: Ever since Kyle was a small boy, he has always been excited to visit Sunshine Children’s Home. While most children struggle to understand the differences that exist in people, Kyle is always eager to interact with everyone at Sunshine regardless of any differences. He truly values people including all of their uniqueness and differences. No one ever has to ask Kyle for help; he will assist staff with any needs, take residents to wherever they desire, and takes care of gardening on the Sunshine grounds. Kyle is also a passionate advocate working to educate others on diversity and acceptance. If anyone could ever doubt the example Kyle sets for others, the story of Faith quickly dispels that. Kyle devoted much of his time and love to Faith, whom had no active family in her life and lived at Sunshine Children’s Home. Kyle has always struggled to comprehend the whys and hows of children who don’t have families, and with Faith, he found a way to help make a difference. He would accompany Faith on hospital visits, read her stories, and he decorated her hospital room to celebrate her first birthday. Faith’s nurses knew that if she needed anything, all they had to do was call Kyle and he would be there for her.  Unfortunately, Faith’s life was much too short, but Kyle is comforted by the fact that he was able to provide her the love, acceptance and family she so deserved to have.


Summary of nomination: “I think I just love to help as many people as I can.” This is what Alaya says about herself, and her actions show it every day, both in school and outside. Alaya is always offering encouragement and uplifting her peers in their school work, music classes and daily life. She is a dedicated and active member in many school programs such as student council and GLAD/HAPPY (Glenwood League Against Drugs/Hancock Addictions Prevention Program for Youth). Through these programs, Alaya has devoted much of her time volunteering and fundraising for community projects, reading to students at Jacobs Elementary, red ribbon week activities, and other programs to help prevent bullying and drug use among her peers. She also spends much of her own time to continue to work with student council and serve her school. Her teachers recognized her talents as a compassionate leader by honoring her with the Superior Citizens award. With all of this, Alaya remains humble, maintains her grades at the highest level, and is always willing to help out her friends, peers, and family.

MAKAYLA SLOUGH (Donnell Middle School - 7th grade) - YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AWARD

Summary of nomination: Makayla Slough is a truly amazing kid. She is a great athlete. She is involved in soccer, softball, volleyball, and basketball. Although she values her teammates and time on the field, she also is an incredible student. Makayla has been recognized multiple times for being on the distinguished honor society for maintaining a 4.0 GPA. She most recently received this honor last semester. I believe that these things make Makayla absolutely incredible, but she was nominated for her volunteer time with Special Kids Therapy. Makayla loves working with special health care children. This summer will be the third summer that she has volunteered at Special Kids Therapy every week of summer day camp. She really makes the kids feel special. Makayla also gets her teammates to come volunteer with her. Not only does Makayla have strong character, but she displays exceptional leadership qualities, offers youth development skills, and completely grasps the concept of diversity and acceptance.  Makayla is an all-around absolutely incredible kid!