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On Behalf of Youth Award Luncheon


2016 "On Behalf of Youth" OBOY Award Luncheon

The "On Behalf of Youth" (OBOY) Award Luncheon is Camp Fire's main fundraising event to support our work to help youth reach their full potential. It is a must-attend event dedicated to celebrating youth!

This year's OBOY Luncheon will honor Retired Judge Allan Davis as recipient of the OBOY Award in recognition of his dedication to youth. The event will also highlight 7 Absolutely Incredible Kids from Hancock County who will receive $250, an award designation at the luncheon, and a short video made especially in his or her honor. 

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middle school youth, become a sponsor of OBOY,
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2016 Absolutely Incredible Kid
Award Winners:

NICK KRAMB (Glenwood Middle School - 8th grade) - FAMILY DEVELOPMENT AWARD

From a young age, Nick has always loved to volunteer with his family and make a difference. The City Mission is one place where Nick donates a lot of his time, volunteering alongside his family to cook and serve food. They also volunteer annually at the Special Olympics, an event that Nick especially enjoys. Nick and his family have been on multiple mission trips as well, and they are currently planning another. Nick’s selfless giving has always been a part of who he is, and it’s something that his family has always been able to count on. At home, Nick has maintained this strong bond, even during some especially tough times. During his mother’s battle with cancer, Nick has grown into a leader within the home. He not only helps out around the house, but he goes out of his way to comfort his mother and stays with her during each chemotherapy treatment. From this experience, Nick has become increasingly passionate about finding a cure for cancer and raising money for its discovery. Alongside his family and friends, Nick participates in the Race for the Cure each year to raise awareness and honor his mother. What defines Nick is not simply his actions, but the heart and soul he puts behind it. Nick is truly incredible and his bond with his family is one to be admired.


EVAN BOES (Arcadia Local School - 8th grade) - NATURE AWARD

Evan is your typical outdoorsman, but what makes him stand out is his extraordinary work ethic. Evan has grown up on his family’s farm, so he has never been a stranger to nature. He has always loved helping out where he can, whether it be driving a tractor or cleaning up the woods behind his house. Evan is not the type to sit inside and waste away his day; he is always up and moving. Even at school, Evan especially likes his Ag Ed class where he can be working with his hands. Evan loves to build and create things, and in the future, he wants to take these talents and use them to help grow his family’s farming business. As someone who spends much of his time out in nature, Evan is passionate about protecting it. He takes time to educate himself on environmental issues, and he does his part by helping to plant new trees. Evan’s family’s farm has helped foster his love for the outdoors, but it is his genuine passion for nature and his dedication to working hard that makes him an incredible kid.

 (Riverdale Middle School - 8th grade) - ADVOCACY AWARD

Benjamin’s actions speak louder than his words—in the best way. Whether it be in or out of school, Ben has a positive influence everywhere he goes. He currently holds a 4.0 GPA and is actively involved in National Junior Honor Society and Student Council at his school. Ben is also a Boy Scout, where he has been a tremendous leader among his peers. He has worked his way up and currently holds the position of Troop Guide, where he helps younger scouts through their rank advancements. Throughout his time in Boy Scouts, Ben has recorded over 70 hours of service and received multiple awards for his community involvement. As one may say, Ben is a true servant leader. His actions in these leadership positions are what set a positive example for his peers. He isn’t afraid to lead the way or stand up for what is right, and this bravery is what makes others follow behind. As humble as Ben is, he may not consider himself an advocate, but anyone who has met this incredible kid knows that he is truly dedicated to making a difference wherever he can.

(Donnell Middle School - 7th grade) - TALENT & SKILLS AWARD

When CJ first started performing and sung his first solo, he was just a shy and timid young boy. Since that day, CJ has completely transformed and is truly a star! His passion for theatre is remarkable. CJ has a natural talent for performing, but that has not stopped him from working hard to be the best he can be. He continues to take dance lessons, stage presence classes, voice lessons, and he actively participates in shows with the local youth theatre. CJ even uses his talents to help younger singers by coaching and encouraging them. Never once does he put himself above anyone else. CJ is incredibly humble, and to him, there is no ‘small part’ in a stage performance. He always keeps a positive attitude and puts 110% into every part. CJ loves to perform and doesn’t allow anything to hold him back, including his diabetes. Up on stage, you would never know that CJ faces physical challenges every single day. He doesn’t let this fact get in the way of his aspirations; instead, he sees it as a challenge. He knows that his hard work now will pay off in the long run. CJ’s goal is to make it to Broadway, and there is no doubt that this absolutely incredible kid can do anything he puts his mind to!

 (Glenwood Middle School - 6th grade) - DIVERSITY AWARD

When Danah goes to class, she doesn’t see a room full of American students—she sees a room full of students. In Danah’s eyes, everyone is a person deserving of love and compassion, no matter their appearance, culture, or background. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Danah’s family moved to America when she was in fourth grade. Upon their move, Danah was faced with many challenges. She was introduced to a brand new culture and her English and reading levels were at a zero. Since then, Danah has adapted tremendously well. Danah’s differences do not affect how she lives her life; she treats everyone as an equal and appreciates their unique qualities. Danah enjoys making new friends, and she loves to share stories about her culture in Saudi Arabia. Even in her classes, Danah never misses an opportunity to teach her classmates and teachers something new. Despite the challenges that Danah has faced, she continues to embrace her diversity and use it as a way to bring people together. It is Danah’s bravery and her loving acceptance that make her absolutely incredible.

(Glenwood Middle School - 8th grade) - LEADERSHIP/COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD

Steven is the type of kid you know you can count on for anything. Whether it be doing yard work or installing toilets, Steven isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand. He has a true passion for helping others and serving his community. Steven has volunteered at numerous Backyard Missions, fundraisers, and school events. He has even gone out of his way to help serve the community with his involvement in Boy Scouts. Within his troop, Steven has quickly grown into a leader among his peers and is well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. In school, Steven is just as motivated. He is involved in Glenwood’s W.E.B. initiative, which gives him the opportunity to work with sixth graders and help them feel welcome into the new school. Steven’s selfless leadership qualities are what make him a great role model and positive influence for his fellow classmates. He never hesitates to step up and take charge of a situation, and he does so with a kind and loving heart.

(Cory Rawson Local School - 7th grade) - YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AWARD

Amid Caitlin’s many activities and her busy schedule, she always makes time to give back. At her school, Caitlin is on the volleyball team and is a member of Middle School Council and SWA4G (Students Who Advocate for Greatness). Within each of these groups, Caitlin is able to give a voice to her fellow classmates and set an example for younger students. The well-being and development of her peers is important to Caitlin, and she never hesitates to provide insight for the betterment of everyone as a whole. During her spare time at school, Caitlin volunteers to help kindergarteners with technology during their computer classes. Caitlin’s kind-hearted, mentoring spirit is carried over outside of the classroom as well. She uses two of her passions, animals and music, to make a difference among her peers and other youth. Caitlin plays both the piano and flute, and she uses these talents to help encourage younger musicians. She is also involved in the Hancock County 4-H program where she uses her service and leadership to help grow the program. Caitlin never thinks twice about putting others’ needs before her own, especially when it involves the betterment of our future. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, and as long as we have individuals like Caitlin as a role model, we should not be worried.