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School Programs

Self Reliance Programs

“I’m Safe and Sure” – Preschool and 1st Grade

This program focuses on personal safety and responsible citizenship through good decision making. Activities are designed to teach children to avoid being victims of crimes and other potentially harmful situations. This course consists of six 45-minute sessions.

“I Can Do It” – 3rd Grade

Children learn self-help skills such as choosing healthy foods, becoming weather ready, being safe in public, escaping a fire, handling conflict, and being safe and responsible. This course is made up of six 45-minutes sessions.

“Peer Proof” – 4th-8th Grade

Teaches how to resist negative peer pressure and maintain positive friendships. Role-playing makes this a fun way to learn important lessons about making good friends as well as being one. This course consists of five 45-minute sessions.

“Portable Challenge Course” – K-12th Grades

This course teaches through a series of “challenges” designed to promote trust, self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership. Elements in this “challenge” are created to challenge mental, emotional, and social capabilities rather than just physical capabilities.

Thrive Leaders Program – 9th Grade

This program allows youth to explore career paths, connect with workforce professionals in the community, and collaborate with their peers. Thrive Leaders meet once a month.