Camp Fire USA Northwest Ohio

Sr. Teens in Action

Get ready, get set, go...

Our Sr. Teens in Action group is a dynamic group of teens wanting to make a difference in this world. This group gets together a couple times a month and focuses on a variety of service projects based on their interests and the community need.

Projects that the group has taken on include:

  • Providing a veteran's appreciation dinner every March
  • Several of our Sr. TIA members volunteer as club helpers for the younger members of Camp Fire
  • Creating a giant box maze for preschool and elementary students every year at our Non Scary Halloween event
  • Annual Post Office food drive
  • Volunteering for the March of Dimes
  • Assist with Camp Fire's annual Breakfast with Santa
  • Storm clean up help for those in need
  • Food drives for families in need
  • Providing help at Christmas for families
  • Providing help with the annual Flag City Honor Flight send off breakfast at the Toledo Airport

Join us and bring your ideas, talents, and spark and help us make a difference today!

WoHeLo Award

The WoHeLo Award, the highest achievement in Camp Fire, is received by completing an intensive, individualized project that is designed by the individual high school youth. This process takes multiple years to complete. WoHeLo, created from the words Work, Health and Love, was coined in 1910 as the organization’s watchword. The WoHeLo Award requirements are summarized below.

WoHeLo Award recipients demonstrate:

  • Commitment to Camp Fire’s history and values
  • Advocacy for issues important to themselves and their community
  • Organizational skills
  • Respect for others
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership

WoHeLo Award recipients develop individually through the following paths:

  • Mapping my Way (career options, resume building, future)
  • Making it on My Own (practical living skills, home repairs, budget creation, independence)
  • Choices & Decisions (relationship building, peer pressure, nutrition, being responsible)
  • Celebrating Me (self esteem, service, leadership, appreciating values)

WoHeLo Award recipients demonstrate commitment to their community through action and advocacy on three issues (one must be Camp Fire):

  • Leading (organizing, spear heading, fundraising)
  • Teaching (mentoring others, teaching skills)
  • Serving (volunteering)
  • Speaking out (educating others, writing articles, giving presentations, defending grants)

WoHeLo Award recipients are awarded with one or all of the following: emblem, pin, medallion. It is the Northwest Ohio Council’s goal to establish a scholarship fund to provide additional recognition and reward for the hard work it takes to complete this prestigious award.